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If you are the graphic designer for any Cravedog project, please be sure to read our Printing FAQ (pdf). It describes many of the common pitfalls that often hold jobs up and/or cost you additional money. This document should be able to answer many common questions you may have about properly setting up art files for CD replication.


We offer a variety of templates at Cravedog. Below are some of the more common ones requested. For other packaging requests, please contact us to request the template you seek. Be sure to specifically describe your package and the application you will be using to compose your layout in. We will try to promptly email you a template.

Remember!! EPS and PDF will open in either PC or MAC. InDesign users can open the files within the application. For Illustrator, or Photoshop, you can open the PDF and EPS files in your application of choice by either dragging-and-dropping them on the application icon or using the File->Open... command within.


We currently accept ONLY the following applications and their related files for processing. Failure to supply files in these formats on our templates ONLY will result in delays, and possibly additional charges for your project! Please save yourself and us time and money by adhereing to these formats.

  • Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, and Photoshop
  • Adobe .PDF Format (We will accept PDFs with the template removed. We prefer files in the native application file format, along with all associated linked files and fonts. This will give us more flexibility in our pre-press checks.

    Be sure to read the Printing FAQ (pdf).


    Template Index:

    Short Run Templates

    Jewelcase Booklets, Inserts, and Traycards

    Quick Sleeve Templates and Specifications

    Long Run Digipak Templates

    DVD Cases/Inserts

    CD Templates

    DVD Templates
    Posters and Postcards


    For runs 300 and over. Call if you have questions.

    two panel sideloading image 12 Inch Jacket
    printed insert 12 Inch Insert
    two panel sideloading image 7 Inch Glued Jacket
    Gatefold jacket 12 Inch Gatefold Tube Pocket
    printed sleeve 12 Inch Inner Sleeve
    label template 12 Inch Labels
    label template 7 Inch Labels Large Hole
    label template 7 Inch Labels Small Hole



    For duplication runs under 500. Call if you have questions.

    two panel sideloading image 2 Panel Sleeve
    4 Panel Digipak
    4 Panel DVD Digipak
    4 Panel Sleeve
    6 Panel Digipak
    6 Panel Sleeve
    CD / DVD


    Jewelcase Booklets, Inserts, and Traycards

    2 Panel
    4 Panel
    6 Panel
    8 Panel
    8 Panel Alt Roll
    8 Panel Poster
    10 Panel
    Stapled Booklets
    Tray Cards


    Long Run Sleeve & Wallet Templates

    2 Panel Side Loading
    Gatefold jacket 4 Panel Standard
    6 Panel Standard


    Digipak Templates and Specifications

    We have many more template options. Please contact rep for more information.

    4 Panel No Pocket
    4 Panel Open Pocket
    6 Panel No Pocket
    8 Panel No Pocket

    DVD Cases/Inserts

    The DVD cover is the wrap-around piece that is inserted into the outside of the DVD case. This is all one piece and includes the front, back, and spine. There is also an optional insert piece that is separate and can be inserted into the inside of the DVD case. These can be either folded or stapled booklets.


    2 Panel Insert
    4 Panel Insert
    Staplefold Insert


    Disc Label - On Disc Printing Templates and Specifications

    For the CD label templates, we offer our clients two choices: either the Standard or Print-to-Center. If you want the maximum amount of image area on your disc design, use the Print-to-Center. If you want the clear plastic in the center of the disc to show, we suggest that you use the Standard template. If you are planning on implementing drop out text or elements (items that knock out so that the raw compact disc substrate is part of your design), we suggest that you use the Standard template or be aware that elements inherent in the raw CD face around the perimeter of the inner 46mm ring may appear unexpectantly or in undesirable ways.

    Designing the on-disc print can be a little tricky if you've never done it before. There are a different set of parameters that exclusively apply to printing on the cdface. Failure of attention to detail will cause delays and/or unexpected results.


    CD Templates

    Print to Center


    DVD Templates

    Print to Center



    11 x 17 Poster
    18 x 24 Poster
    3.5 x 4 Postcard
    4.25 x 6 Postcard
    5 x 7 Postcard